Avondale – a different school in Singapore

Expatriate Nordic families – typically well educated, middle class professionals – with young children living in Singapore – need a school where they can feel sure their children reach their full learning potential.

Avondale Grammar School attempts to fill that need, offering a personalised education to children from Pre-school to Middle Years. Avondale has a reputation for being an intimate schooling experience where teachers offer students quality teaching coupled with a personalised education.

Established in 2007, Avondale Grammar School is a co-educational, independent, international grammar school based in central Singapore. The School welcomes student from 3 – 14 years of age. Currently the school has over 24 nationalities.

Warm environment
A distinct difference to other schools is the warm and welcoming environment that embrace both students and parents at the school. From the receptionist up   to the the Heads – all know their students by name. And the parents are warmly invited to join the very active Parents Association which brings staff, students and parents together to form the heart of the School.

Apart from that there are five specific features, that sets Avondale apart. Theyr are the Mentoring Programme, the Leadership Programme, the Personalised Learning approach, the Internationalism and what the school calls “Positive Education”.

Each student in Middle School has an appointed Mentor. Mentor and mentee meet weekly on a 1:1 basis where the student can talk about anything in a safe and constructive environment. Avondale is unique in Singapore for providing this amount of individual attention to students, ensuring we boost their confidence and sense of well-being for the future.

The Avondale Leadership Programme reflects the school’s belief in harnessing the talents of individual children. Leadership opportunities exist for all students from Year 2 upwards. All children in Middle School have a Leadership position – from House Captains to Subject Leaders. These positions are integral in developing students’ sense of responsibility, management skills and socialisation skills across all school strata.

Personalised Learning
Our academic programmes are tailored to the needs of each student through Personal Achievement Targets (PATs). The PATs process brings parents and teachers together as a team to consider the student’s current level of performance.
Together, the student, parents and teachers formulate a plan describing how each student should reach their goals within the PAT. PATs is designed for both subject and social competencies, including behaviour and attitudes. PATs focuses on the past, present and future where past work is evaluated, a current status is decided and learning plan for the future is created.

As a Australian curriculum school based in Sinagpore with over 24 nationalities we are commited to celebrating internationalism. Our staff come from over 15 countries – from Sweden to Singapore and our famalies hail from across the globe. We are as likely to celebrate Sveriges nationaldag as St Patricks Day at Avondale.

“Positive Education”
Resilience, the capacity to address challenges and cope with adversity, is a skill that does not always come naturally. That is why at Avondale Grammar School this year we have introduced the Bounce Back programme across the School, a social and emotional learning programme that promotes positive well-being and resilience. We have taken a leading role in Asia in developing wellbeing and positive psychology in and outside out our classrooms.

Preschool & Junior School

318 Tanglin Rd, Phoenix Park
Singapore 247979

Primary & Middle School

304 Tanglin Rd, Phoenix Park
Singapore 247972

T: +65 6258 8544

E: [email protected]


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